Brad Ellis is a product designer and an Apple Design Award winner who has received two Webbys for app design. His Tall West clients include Airbnb, Facebook, and Target among others.

With Target, he contracted as design lead of their mobile app team for three years. During that time he redesigned the app, resulting in a 5x revenue increase year over year. He also designed Target’s watch app, which was presented onstage in an Apple Keynote. With Airbnb, he helped lay the groundwork for Experiences, and was part of the team that re-architected the signup flow.

Brad began his career as an early design manager for Square. He designed the Square logo, and his hands are pictured holding the first generation product on the original packaging. He also designed the current iPad register app, which has been in use for seven years.

In 2012, Brad co-founded Pacific Helm, a design consultancy whose clients included Sony, Pantone, Disney Imagineering, ESPN, and Zuckerberg Media among others.

Brad speaks on custom interface design, and specializes in unique interactions and animation prototypes.

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